Praise from “America’s Writing Coach”

All feedback is appreciated, even the less than stellar, but some is more meaningful than others. I recently received a ‘blurb’ back from someone my publisher had submitted a request to a few weeks ago.

Roy Peter Clark is a senior scholar and Vice President of the Pointer Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida. He is also the founder of the National Writers Workshop and known as “America’s Writing Coach.” So you can imagine my response to this commentary:

“I enjoy historical novels with real people bumping into fictional ones. So imagine my surprise and delight when a Japanese-American private detective befriends Jimmy Stewart in “Hunters Point.”  Yes, that Jimmy Stewart. It’s a wonderful life Jimmy Stewart. And it’s a wonderful read, Peter Kageyama.”

Roy Peter Clark, author of “Writing Tools” and “Tell It Like It Is.”  

I felt like a student who had gotten an A+ and a smiley face from the really tough teacher. Thank you Mr. Clark, I am honored.