What’s Up With That Title?

Super excited to announce the second book in the Kats Takemoto series – MIDNIGHT CLIMAX! 

Some friends have raised an eyebrow at the title, so lest you think I have started writing erotica (not yet at least!) I should explain that the title comes from an actual CIA operation of the same name. Operation Midnight Climax was a subset of the better known MK Ultra project that used psychedelic drugs as a form of mind control. Midnight Climax involved two CIA run brothels, one in New York City and the other in San Francisco, from the mid 1950’s into the 1960’s that used prostitutes to lure unsuspecting ‘clients’ in and then dosed them with psychedelic drugs to study their effects.

I first learned about this strange tidbit of San Francisco history from a column my friend, Gary Kamiya, wrote several years ago in the San Francisco Chronicle. When I first read it, I thought oh my god, there is a story here! You can find Gary’s original piece here